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Vacation Holds

Your 2019 CSA share gives you 13 weeks of veggie boxes over the 16 week season (First week of July to third week of October) You can enter here the week(s) that we will not pick a box for you to equal your 3 weeks.

Our software system works on a calendar week (including days from Sunday to Saturday). So, all vacation holds must be in the system before 10 pm of the Saturday before the week you wish to place a vacation hold.

For example: you have a CSA pick up or delivery on Tuesday or Thursday and wish to place a vacation hold for that day/week, you must put in your hold request by 10 pm Saturday the week before.

Then, when the week’s work sheets are printed out on Sunday, we know all the pickups, deliveries and vacation holds for that week.


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Organic Vegetables

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert