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Posted 4/2/2019 5:16pm by Dennis Skoworodko.

To be honest- I never really liked cauliflower… until I tasted some fresh from the garden. My mind was changed! Typically, cauliflower that we can buy here is grown in California- and trust me, that 2800 km trip does the taste no favors. However, growing cauliflower here is not an easy task. Constant vigilance and care are taken every step of the growing cycle to have a wonderful end product.  

Our season is too short to direct seed in the field. We need to start the sprouting of seeds in mid-April to have Brassica plants a reasonable size to place into the soil once we are past the danger of frost sometime in May. Cauliflower is a member of the Brassica family and here in Saskatchewan we have to protect them from pests right from sprouting to harvest. We have an abundance of pests that love Brassicas. One year we did a “scapegoat” Brassica plant. He got left outside unprotected from pests and in a very short time he was eaten down to the nubs. We learned a great deal from that experiment.

We protect the plants in a couple of ways: We have a 100% bug proof sprouting room and nursery greenhouse.

When we plant them out in the field, we immediately cover them with a fabric row cover that is specially designed to keep pests out but to let in most of the sunshine and rain.

It is lots of special care and babying for this tasty treat. On top of all this effort, cauliflower are space hogs in the field. We space them at one plant ever two feet and each plant will only produce one head of cauliflower! Once the head is harvested, the plant is done. It will not regrow a second head.

Because of all these hurdles, we only grow a limited amount of cauliflower and we give priority to our CSA subscribers that they may have some of this rare treat. We still have a few CSA subscriptions available. Interested? You may check all the details here.


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