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The Story of Your Food: Potatoes

Posted 2/9/2018 9:40am by Dennis Skoworodko.

I used to think that all potatoes were pretty much the same... bland tasteless mush that was not interesting at all. And then I discovered that there was a whole world of tasty delicious interesting potato varieties that you would never see on a grocery store shelf. Now potatoes have become such a healthy, delicious and important part of our diet. We grow 8 different varieties of potatoes for your eating pleasure, with different tastes, textures and colors. I group potatoes into 3 general categories: White fleshed, yellow fleshed and fingerlings. White fleshed potatoes are generally best for boiling and mashing. They have a higher starch content than yellow potatoes which results in a fluffy mashed potato.  Yellow fleshed potatoes will on the other hand make a clumpy mashed potato, which is not bad, just different.  Yellow fleshed potatoes are our biggest sellers. They tend to be more moist and "buttery" flavored, with our "Butter Baby" variety our most popular potato by far. They are great baked, boiled or fried with beautiful color, taste and texture. Fingerling varieties in general have a great flavor and waxy texture.  These characteristics make them great for soups, roasting and dishes like scallop potatoes. Potatoes are such a healthy veggie. Sadly, they have had a bad rap in our present culture, however many ancient civilizations thrived on a diet with potatoes as the cornerstone of their nutrition. Potatoes are low in calories, no fat, sodium or cholesterol, high in vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants and more potassium than a banana. So this summer, we hope we can tempt you to expand your potato palette and try some gourmet premium organic potatoes from Our Farm  

Dennis and the Our Farm Team  

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