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CSA sign up for 2018 is Now Open!

Posted 10/23/2017 8:16am by Dennis Skoworodko.

Our Farm CSA 2018  subscription sign up is Now Open.

We have the information for the Summer/Fall 2018 Season Available on our website. We are very excited to offer you fresh, local, certified organic veggies! We believe that when veggies taste this good you will eat them, which in turn, is good for you! Like your grandma always said, “Eat your vegetables”. We are ready for the next season- even if the plants have to grow yet. But that will come! Look forward to great food for next year!

Please Click Here for more details about the CSA 2018 Season. 

Or if you would like to go directly to the sign up page Click Here.

You may watch our “What is a CSA?” video here.   


Dennis and the Our Farm Team


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